Getting Good Samples and Data

 Statistics for Six Sigma Made Easy

by Warren Brussee

Issues in Getting Good Data

 Manufacturing Samples and the resultant data have to represent the total population, yet processes controlling the population are often changing dramatically, due to people, shift, environment, equipment, etc.
Sales Sales forecasts often use sampling techniques in their predictions. Yet the total market may have many diverse groups to sample. These groups may be affected by many external drivers, like the economy.
Marketing What data should be used to judge a marketing campaign’s effectiveness, since so many other factors are changing at the same time?

Software Development What are the main causes of software crashes and how would you get data to measure the “crash-resistance” of competing software?
Receivables How would you get good data on the effectiveness of a program intended to reduce overdue receivables, when factors like the economy exert a strong influence and change frequently?
Insurance How can data measuring the satisfaction with different insurance programs be compared when people covered by the programs are not identical?